Lesson25_At the Post Office

At the Post Office

Dialogue A

A: I'd like to register this letter, please.

B: Where to ?

A: Los Angeles.

B: OK. Let me weigh it. That'll be three dollars, please.

A: Here you are. Do I have to fill out a form?

B: No. Just give me your name, address and telephone number.

Dialogue B

A: I'd like to send this by air mail, please.

B: Is it a birthday card?

A: Yes. Why do you ask?

B: Cards are cheaper than letters.

A: Oh! Really?

B: You can't seal the envelope, though.

A: OK. How much for the stamps?

B: Two dollars.

Lesson24 At the Aireport 2

At the Airport 在机场

Dialogue A

A: Please fill out these tags and attach them to your suitcases. Then put them on the scale.

B: OK.

A: I'm afraid your luggage is overweight. You'll have to pay an excess baggage charge.

B: How much will that be?

A: Let me see - US$10.

B: That's not too bad.

Dialogue B

A: Here are your tickets. The baggage claim stubs are attached to them.

B: Thank you.

A: And here is your boarding pass. You board at Gate 12.

B: OK. Is that all?

A: No. Please wait here till your luggage goes through the X-ray machine.

B: OK.

A: Have a nice flight.

B: Thank you.

Lesson23 At the Airport

At the Airport 在机场

Dialogue A

A: This is the arrival lounge.

B: I know. Where is the departure lounge?

A: Come. Follow me.

B: There! The check-in counters are over there.

A: Dont't we have to go pay the airport tax first?

B: No. We pay it after we check in.

Dialogue B

A: Good morning. May I have your passport, please?

B: Here you are.

A: Smoking or non-smoking?

B: Non-smoking

A: Aisle or window seat?

B: Window seat, please.

A: Do you have any luggage to check in?

B: Yes. This my carry-on luggage and I'll check in these two suitcase.

Lesson22 Booking an Airline Ticket

Booking an Airline Ticket 定机票

Dialogue A

A: Hi! My name is John Lin. I'd like to book a flight to Rome, please.

B: Do you wish to fly first class, business or economy?

A: economy.

B: Date of departure?

A: July 4th.

B: OK. You're booked on flight number CX167. It departs at 11:15 AM.


Dialogue B

A: Japan Airlines. Can I help you ?

B: Yes. I'm Mr.Peter Lai. I'd like to reserve a round-trip ticket to Paris, please.

A: Which class? And for when?

B: Business class, for this Sunday.

A: One moment, please. ... OK. I've booked you on flight number 007. It departs at 5:30 p.m. Please Call back on Friday to reconfirm.

B: OK.

A: Your confirmation code number is XE3849.

B: Thank you.

Lesson6 Time

Time 时间

Dialogue A


A: Excuse me, Ma'am. What time is it, please?

B: It's tow thirty.

A: Thanks. What time is the next train?

B: Tow forty-five.

A: I see. Is it on time?

B: Yes, it is.


Dialogue B


A: Hi, Tom. What time is it, please?

B: It's a quarter to seven.

A: Oh, no! I'm late.

B: What do you mean?

A: My watch is fast.

Lesson5 Occupations


Dialogue A


A: Excuse me.  Mr. Li. This is Miss Lin.

B: How do you do, Miss Lin?

C: How do you do?

A: Miss Lin works for IBM.

B: What a coincisence! I work in a computer company, too.

Dialogue B


A: Hi, Tom! I'd like you to meet my friend, Sal.

B: Pleased to meet you, Sal.

C: Same here.

B: So, what do you do, Sal?

C: I'm a secretary. What about you?

B: I'm a pilot.


Lesson21 Changing Money

Changing Money 换钱

dialogue A

A: I would like to cash these traveler's checks, please.

B: How much do you have?

A: Five hundred US dollars.

B: Do you have any identification?

A: Will my passport do?

B: That'll be fine.

Dialogue B

A: What's the exchange rate for US dollars, please?

B: Which currency do you want to change your money into?

A: Hong Kong dollars, please.

B: It's 7.89 Hong Kong dollars to 1 US dollar.

A: Can you change US$100?

B: How do you want your money?

A: Seven hundreds, eight tens and the rest in change. please.

B: No problem.

Lesson20 Checking into a Hotel

Checking into a Hotel 办理住宿手续

dialogue A

A: Good morning. I'm Mr.Jack Wu. I have a reservation for a suite.

B: Oh, Yes, Mr.Wu. Please fill out this form.

A: Here you are.

B: Will you pay by cash or charge?

A: Do you take traveler's checks?

B: Certainly.

Dialogue B

A: Excuse me. I'd like to check in, please. My name is Jack Wu.

B: One moment, please. Oh, yes. You have a reservation fro a single room, right?

A: That's right.

B: May I have a look at your passport?

A: Here you go.

B: OK. you're booked in Room 609. Do you have any luggage?

A: Yes. These tow suitcases.

B: No problem. The bellboy will take them and show you to your room.

Lesson19 Booking a Room

Booking a Room 定房间

dialogue A

A: Excuse me. Do you have a single room?

B: Sorry. We're fully booked. The only room available at the moment is a twin room.

A: OK. I'll take it.

B: May I have your name, please?

A: I'm John Li.

B: How many days do you want to stay?

A: Five days.

dialogue B

A: Excuse me. My name is Jack Wu. I'd like to book a room.

B: Single or double?

A: What are the rates?

B: It's US$100 for a single and US$150 for a double.

A: I'll take a single for 3 days.

B: OK. Just come to the front desk at the lobby.

A: OK. I'll arrive tomorrow.

B: See you then.